How one looks on the outside affects how one feels on the inside. How one feels on the inside affects everything else. I like to approach everything in life from a positive perspective. Beginning with a positive approach leads to a positive result, and vise versa. Accent the features you like, ignore the ones that you don’t. Bringing focus to the one simultaneously and effortlessly takes it away from the other. Healthy hair is more manageable, wears better and looks better. Effective communication is essential. I have been doing hair for 25 years. You have been doing YOUR hair your whole life. I am sure we have both collected a veritable plethora of information. I believe that if we have a conversation in which we each share what we have learned, learn from each other and agree on a course of action; then you are on your way to looking and feeling your best.


My journey in this industry began twenty three years ago as a Stylist in my hometown of Little Rock, Arkansas, and has led me here to Houston. Along the way I have lived and worked as a Stylist and Educator in Memphis, Tennessee and Washington DC. Throughout this adventure my work as an Advanced Educator and Guest Artist have taken me from coast to coast, LA to DC and countless cities in between. I have had the pleasure of teaching at one of the nation's premier hair academies and as a Regional Educator and Guest Artist with some of the best companies in the business. Welcome to Heath Style . I look forward to helping you look and feel great.